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Transcend the times.

Expand your minds.

When you feel your soul taking flight 

From the prison hold of the hustle.

When you discover your being 

Searching for an escape— 

Take a pause,

To reflect and reinvent

Away from the trappings of the daily grind.

Awaken your inner spirit,

Follow the road that leads to your roots 

Just know that

There’s a place that awaits

For you to find your self.

Dig your toes into the earth

Let nature nurture you.



We warmly invite you to experience Walden Living, our unique farm stay focused on permaculture, situated at the base of the majestic Himalayas in Punjab. Our location borders Himachal Pradesh and is a mere hour's drive from Chandigarh. Surrounded by verdant forests, each aspect of Walden Living demonstrates our dedication to nature and embodies a conscious, sustainable lifestyle.


“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

― Henry David Thoreau, Walden



Discover a sustainable living experience within our four naturally designed villas, featuring minimal yet comfortable interiors and architecture. Walden offers an immersive experience in slow, eco-friendly living, providing all essential comforts as you find yourself enveloped by nature.


Our villas seamlessly blend with their surroundings, adapting to seasonal changes while ensuring an abundance of natural light. Mud walls serve to insulate you during winter months while keeping you cool and refreshed throughout the summer. Embrace the harmony between luxury and sustainability in our thoughtfully crafted accommodations.

the way to walden!

Nestled in the sylvan foothills of the emerald Shivalik hills, amidst a landscape bequeathed with narrow seasonal streams and small heavenly hills, lies the ancient village of Naurangpur. Situated in the land of the five rivers, Rupnagar (Ropar) is a historic town in Punjab with a rich cultural heritage. Once known as 'Bae Chirag Mauza' or 'abandoned' in land records.

Walden Living is a serene and tranquil destination nestled in the picturesque village of Naurangpur. Located 14 kilometers from the highway, the route to Walden Living is an experience in itself, taking you through the captivating Punjab countryside, quaint villages, and lush forests.

As you leave the highway, you will be greeted by the enchanting Punjab countryside. Witness the beauty of tree canopies that line the roads, providing a scenic backdrop for your drive. Along the way, you will pass through charming small Punjab villages, locally known as 'Pinds,' offering a glimpse into the rural lifestyle of the region.

Further along the route, you will come across quaint marketplaces and small houses, known as 'Taliyas.' These establishments are scattered at considerable intervals, allowing you to fully appreciate the rural landscape. As you continue your journey, commercial activity gradually fades away, and the countryside's serene charm takes center stage.

The final stretch of the journey to Walden Living, approximately 1.5 kilometers, takes you through a dense jungle teeming with wildlife. With luck, you may spot some of the region's fauna during the evening or nighttime hours. Along the way, you will find signboards directing you to Naurangpur village, ensuring a hassle-free drive.

Upon reaching Naurangpur, you will find that Walden Living is the only residence in the area, situated at the very end of the village. Since the partition, no one has resided in Naurangpur, making Walden Living a truly unique and secluded retreat. The well-maintained, 'pakka' roads will ensure a smooth and comfortable journey right up to the property.


Village Naurangpur 
P.O. Sainfalpur 
Tehsil & Distt. - Rupnagar (Punjab)
Pin code - 140108


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