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A stay at Walden is an initiation into a conscious way of living. Here, you can see how our rewilding activities have brought in a plethora of flora and fauna. What better way to wind down from the mad hustle of urban living and commune with nature?  

There is a range of activities that you can participate in here at Walden. From giving a hand to those toiling on the farms to finding a solitary nook with your favorite book. Go hiking amidst the forest trails or find shapes in the clouded skies while laying around on the hammock or just dig your toes into the soft, wet soil and smear your hands with the brown of the land. 

The rewilding activities have also invited a wide variety of birds like peacocks, wild hens, kingfishers, Himalayan griffin, and wild animals like porcupines, wild hare, Sambar deer, barking deer, and wild bores (occasionally a leopard!) 


Embrace Nature 

From planting tree saplings, sowing or harvesting fields, maintaining our vegetable and herb garden, interacting with bees or poultry, making swales or little check dams—there’s no shortage of farming work. Look up at the wonders of the cosmos with or without a telescope. The clear, pollution-free skies can be very inviting for those interested in the constellations. As the only habitable patch in the area, we have access to huge expanse of forest area that is perfect for a jungle walk. Nature has given us many gifts and one of them is organic cleansing agents. Learn the art of making these skincare products with your hands. 

Play and Pleasure

Practise your marksmanship with a bow and arrow . A meditative and adventurous sport that excites the young and old—aim for the bulls-eye. Relive the joys of childhood, play around to your hearts content on our swings. Just kick off your shoes and feel the wind ripple your hair as you go high.

If there is a latent ninja inside you that wants to try slacklining then this is the right place to go ahead with it. The favourite picnic game that can bring everyone together, spend some quality time outdoors with a frisbee. The ancient practice that blends breathing exercises, meditation and postures called asanas is best practised amidst nature.

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Learn and Enjoy

Set free your inner bookworm and plunge into the wide range of books available in our well-stacked library or just finish the one that has been on your reading list for some time.    We’ve made all our furniture at the farm and have retained our wood workshop for enthusiasts interested in this unique art form. Whether you are amateur or expert, we invite potters to get their hands dirty on the wheel and indulge their creative side with some clay and ceramics. 

Chill indoors with a bunch of board games. All you need to do is find a partner who won’t be a sore loser. Groove to the best of songs, whether you are a jazz lover or enjoy the folk tunes, in our collection you are sure to find your melody. Watch old classics or the latest blockbuster on our outdoor projector while sharing your laughter and tears with group of amazing people. 

in-house experiences



Immerse yourself in the ultimate night sky experience as you unwind in one of our numerous hammocks, encircled by absolute tranquility and shrouded in darkness. This serene setting allows for unparalleled stargazing, with billions of twinkling stars illuminating the sky above you, making them feel almost within your grasp. If you're eager to delve deeper into the celestial wonders you're witnessing, we have a high-quality telescope at your disposal to provide an even more intimate view of the mesmerizing night sky.

In-house games and library

Walden Living embodies the essence of simple living, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and those close to you. Our luxury farm stay offers a diverse range of activities designed to help you unwind and indulge in nostalgia. Step inside and enjoy an array of indoor board games, childhood games, and activities such as archery, while immersing yourself in our extensive library filled with cozy reads for every taste.

Family picnics

Searching for an enjoyable and delectable family activity? Discover the ultimate family picnics at Walden Living. We provide delightful picnic experiences featuring delicious food sourced directly from our farm to your table. Relish quality time with your loved ones beneath the open sky, encircled by the lush green landscape of our estate while indulging in bird watching throughout the day. And for those craving some outdoor games, we also have frisbee on hand to enhance your fun-filled experience.

Bird watching

Nestled within a lush green forest, our property offers exceptional bird-watching experiences for nature enthusiasts. Throughout the day, you can observe diverse bird species in their natural habitat, from graceful peacocks and wild hens to vibrant kingfishers and majestic Himalayan griffins. The beauty and diversity of these avian inhabitants will leave you in awe as you appreciate the rich environment that surrounds our property.

Movie under the stars

Experience a romantic evening by unwinding after a long day of discovering the stunning environment at our cozy farm stay. Delight in a movie under the stars, creating an unforgettable and unique cinematic experience you won't find elsewhere. Our outdoor projector enhances these cozy outdoor moments, so grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and cherish this enchanting show!

Organic farming and poultry

We adhere to permaculture principles and aim to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem within our property. As a guest, you are presented with the distinctive chance to engage with our farmers and acquire knowledge about sustainable farming practices. You can also participate in agricultural tasks such as planting tree saplings, sowing or reaping fields, tending to vegetable and herb gardens, and even interacting with our bees or poultry. By immersing yourself in sustainable farming activities, you'll attain a more profound comprehension of the significance of sustainable agriculture in creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

OUTDOOR experiences


Sunrise and sunset points

Embark on a hike to experience the stunning views of the picturesque countryside, where you can witness both sunset and sunrise over the magnificent Himalayan foothills. The pristine, pollution-free atmosphere presents an irresistible invitation for a complete rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul.

Wood and pottery workshops

Our wood workshop offers an ideal setting for art enthusiasts who are eager to delve into the distinctive world of woodwork. Regardless of your skill level – from amateur to an expert – we welcome you to unleash your creativity using our top-notch woodworking tools and materials. Moreover, if pottery sparks your interest, our pottery workshop provides an opportunity to work with clay and ceramics as you get hands-on experience on the wheel, crafting stunning pieces in this beautiful art form.

Cycling experience to nearby villages

Embark on a cycling journey to nearby villages, allowing you to delve into the local culture and embrace the rural Punjab traditions and customs. Our meticulously crafted cycling tours guide you through the picturesque countryside, providing ample opportunities for meaningful interactions with artisans, farmers, and locals. Immerse yourself in the authentic daily life of rural Punjab while gaining valuable insights into its unique customs and traditions.

Nature walks

Embarking on a jungle walk within the only habitable patch in the region, you'll be immersed in a vast expanse of forest, perfect for encountering rare birds and wild animals that dwell within this incredible landscape. As you traverse through the jungle, seize the opportunity to spot magnificent birds such as peacocks, wild hens, kingfishers, and Himalayan griffins. Simultaneously, marvel at the diverse wild animals that roam these lands – porcupines, wild hares, Sambar deer, barking deer, and wild boars are just a few of the captivating creatures you may encounter. Throughout your jungle exploration, revel in the symphony of sounds native to this habitat while embracing the peace and serenity of nature and experiencing an unparalleled sense of adventure.

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